Weird Stuff, it's pretty weird.

Weird Stuff is a crazy combination between being half-retarded and half-way decent at animating with Flash. It's flippin' ridiculous of me to even claim I am half-way decent at animating. As the numbers of Weird Stuff increased, so did the skill. But I am still way off, if not, worse! I haven't animated anything in a LONG time. To tell you the truth, there is a Weird Stuff 10. It's not done yet, but... I tell ya what, when I it is complete it will make the following animations look like CRAP (it would NOT be a false statement if I am wrong too... if that makes sense.). Enjoy!

Weird Stuff 1 & 2: This is a little ditty I call Weird Stuff Origins, this is where it all began, baby!
Weird Stuff 3: I like to call this one because it is.
Weird Stuff 4: Oh jeez, this one sucks,skip this number. Seriously, I have no clue why I sucked so bad at making this one. It has endings! You choose!
Weird Stuff 5: This one's nice. Mario goes to the hospital. If you catch the link between Dr. Worm, and SEVERE BURN UNIT (vice, severe tire damage?), then you're a true They Might Be Giants fan.
Weird Stuff 6: Basically people screaming random phrase in the microphone and a frog gets run over by... well, I don't want to spoil it.
Weird Stuff 7: Music video for They Might Be Giants' song "Fingertips"
Weird Stuff 8: Oooooooo, this one is glorious. Watch a man get eaten by -Ballzilla.
Weird Stuff 9: Be careful about this one! / reference, could be too soon? Maybe? I don't know why! It doesn't make fun of anyone or anything. It simply suggests that Darth Faker knocked down the towers with his Def Star... Or did he? Hear how angry he gets! What's a cloudsong?
Werid Stuff 10: War on Coffee engulfs the nation of United Plates. Mario fights for his life as he is labled a coffee drinker!
Weird Stuff Shorts 1: Basically a public service annoucement for Weird Stuff Origins... by not asking about Professor So-and-So.
Weird Stuff Shorts 2: Mario gets into his pipe and drives like a angel and makes out like... well dead. (I'm referring to this picture)
Above animations were released by me, orignally one I suggest you watch them there. Each animation has credits given to their respectable contributor.