These are miscellaneous... but I don't "MISC", them! Get it? Miss? Ah, forget it.

These are pretty stupid. These don't fall into a normal catergorey!

AIM - For the recylce bin, baby!
Conversation with Jamie - About going to the mall... Someone explodes.
Conversation wtih Charles - About his website... Someone catches fire.
Erg's Basic Day - It goes on and on and on.
The Breifcase King - He's the king for a reason!
Evil guy - He eats people.
Fast Food - Erg and Mefesto at their hijinks.
Future - The future is now with a little more than just flying saucers... flying missiles as well!
Halloween with Erg - This was a long time ago and he throws candy at children and the moon!
Little Dilly - Get out while you are still able.
Papaya - It's only in your @$$?? I hope not.
Robot in Demand - What can I say, I love this robot!
Man Throwing Seeds - Just a man throwing seeds... how complicated is that?
Thanksgiving - This was apparently filmed with a video camera? I don't believe it!
Trash Man - This is what my desktop looks like.
Treacherous - I love this game!
That's it! Above animations were released by me!