-Sincerely, me.

extremejosephWeb Hello!

As you join me in browsing this website, we'll find many exciting things! The things that will make us excited are animations, music, pictures, and much more.


First, flashanimations are animated by me with the help of (Insert Adobe here) Macromedia Flash, a special program used for making "flash" animations. It's one of my favorite applications, and as such it holds a spot on the VIP section on my start menu.


Second, mp3s music is the heart and soul of my creative expression. It's probably the largest "cup" for my creative "juices" to fall into. I have a series of music sites. Okay, actually I only have two. Okay, I actually really have one. One that is updated (semi) often. Currently, I use Reason as my number one music creation application. The songs can be heard through my current "Final Fantasy I... as in Me" sub-site. It contained my "fruity loops" mixes. The other music website "me musik" has not been updated in a long time, as such, I don't call it a music site anymore that is active.


Third, my jpeg'spictures are those that I have taken with (mostly) my mobile phone. Sure they are not the best quality looking pictures, but they are very random. A section of the pictures page has captioned photos, in which I write witty remarks relating to the pictures. One such example, a coat hanger, with the quote "Want to hang out sometime?" UPDATE!: I have no bought myself a stylish looking digital camera, the Sony Cybershot T-2. Photos from this camera to come!


Last, I have a multitude of otheravi's - files- more FILES! "crap" on the site. You can easily visit my blog as well from the right hand navigation. It's right hand navigation because I am right handed. GO RIGHT HANDED PEOPLE! Please note, that when I say blog, I mean my Facebook site. I really don't "blog" anymore like I used to... A man once told me that if you said too many things on the internet people will start to think everything you say is false. To tell you the truth a man never did tell me that; furthermore I don't think ANYONE has said that. If they did, they should be shot, because it doesn't make sense. Wait... I said it. I guess this predicament leaves me no chance for survival. Shot by my own words, such a cruel death. *gunshot*


p.s. (was this a letter?) I can't die.


p.p.s. (if this is a letter) Send me some emailemail sometime.




version 3 Thanks goes to everyone. Credits: Me and where noted.